Self-Care Bucketlist

Self-care may be defined by the term itself – caring for yourself ❤
It includes anything you do to keep yourself healthy, both physically, mentally and spiritually. In a world that’s moving faster than ever and were we are expected to achieve everything on a higher level, it’s even more important to take time, slow down and practice a little self-care. Burning the candle at both ends, so to speak, comes with significant consequences, including burnout, stress, depression, anxiety, resentment, and a whole lot of negative implications. Practicing self-care is something I’ve been working hard to put as a priority and now I would like to encourage you to do the same! 🙂

In case you need some inspiration, here’s a handful of great ideas;

  1. Take a solo mini-vacation
  2. Go to bed early in fresh, clean sheets
  3. Spend a night at the Farris Bad SPA Hotel (local recommendation!)
  4. Binge watch your favorite tv-series
  5. Handwrite a letter to a good friend
  6. Have an outdoor bonfire night with good friends
  7. Establish a good sleeping routine
  8. Enjoy your favorite coffee outside in the sun
  9. Establish a good morning routine
  10. Establish a good evening routine
  11. Take some deep breaths (breathe in-out)
  12. Do one tech-free day a week
  13. Have breakfast in bed
  14. Visit a friend you haven’t see in a long time
  15. Have a SPA session at home
  16. Invite your girlsfriends over dinner
  17. Take a yoga class
  18. Learn to meditate
  19. Create a gratitude journal
  20. Go for a walk/run outside
  21. Buy fresh flowers for your home
  22. Take yourself out for a date; put on a cute outfit, enjoy a glass of wine and treat yourself to a dinner
  23. Listen to/find a new favorite podcast
  24. Take a roadtrip someplace new
  25. Suprise visit a good friend
  26. Re-connect with an old friend
  27. Volunteer for a good cause
  28. Try out a new recipe in the kitchen
  29. Watch a feel-good movie with lots of candles & blankets
  30. Treat yourself to a professional massage
  31. Treat yourself to professional manicure & pedicure
  32. Make a vision board for your future
  33. Try sauna and ice bathing
  34. Pick up a new book
  35. Hike a new trail
  36. Spend quality time with your family
  37. Spend quality time with your friends
  38. Create a good skincare routine
  39. Take a nice long shower/bath
  40. Try learning something new
  41. Write down 5 things you love about yourself
  42. Drink more water w/lemon and ice
  43. Unfollow people who aren’t serving you
  44. Talk to a professional therapist
  45. Take a well deverved nap (at anytime)
  46. Fuel your body with clean, nutricious and colorful food
  47. Clean and de-clutter your home (a tidy home = a tidy mind)
  48. Walk barefoot in the grass
  49. Spend a day in the park with a good book and a coffee
  50. Have a great conversation with someone
  51. Try out a new hobby
  52. Have a streching session on the floor
  53. Buy a new outfit you feel great in
  54. Have an outdoor picnic
  55. Make your favorite cocktail
  56. Make your favorite dinner
  57. Bake your favorite treat
  58. Watch a sunrise/sunset
  59. Do a staycation at your favorite hotel
  60. Take a foot-bath
  61. Switch from late nights to late brunches
  62. Laugh a lot with friends
  63. Spend a full lazy day at the beach
  64. Play your next vacation/get-away
  65. Sleep with a weighted blanket
  66. Be creative; pick up knitting, painting, sewing and get crafty
  67. Invest in quality sheets and towels
  68. Invest in a fluffy robe and comfy slippers
  69. Eat a good breakfast
  70. Embrace JOMO (Joy of missing out)
  71. Take a cold shower
  72. Practice positive self-talk
  73. List the tasks weighing on you and get it done
  74. Organize your finances and secure yourself financially
  75. Create a mini library at home
  76. Invite friends over for a clothing-swap
  77. Listen to an audiobook
  78. Go to a concert with your favorite artist
  79. Make yourself a DIY face scrub
  80. Make yourself a colorful fruit platter
  81. Invest in luxurious bathroom products (I love Rituals!)
  82. Do a hair mask
  83. Make a feel-good playlist on spotify
  84. Create or join a book club
  85. Snuggle your pets
  86. Create a moodboard on Pintrest that inspire you
  87. Order a meal from your favorite restaurant
  88. Say “no” more often if you don’t feel like doing it
  89. Write a letter to your future self (to track progress)
  90. Forgive someone
  91. Spend more time outside in nature
  92. Do something new for the first time
  93. Give someone a good hug
  94. Watch a motivational TED-talk
  95. Smile at someone for no reason
  96. Suprise someone with the gift of kindness
  97. Do something for the first time
  98. Create your own Bucketlist
  99. Create a Bucketlist with your best friend
  100. Take one step towards a lifelong dream!

One response to “Self-Care Bucketlist”

  1. Practicing self-care is crucial for maintaining good physical, mental, and spiritual health – thanks for the reminder!


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