About Me

Hi, I’m Rebecca – a curious adventurer, dreamer, ice coffee addict, cat lover and Bucketlist enthusiast! 🙂

I’m Norwegian by blood, but has always been eager to discover everything the world has to offer, which led me to pursue my educational path abroad. I started my international journey by working as an aupair in San Francisco, California in 2007. This experience made me confident in my choice; I wanted to pursue my childhood dream and study abroad. In 2010 I jumped on a plane overseas to attend the University of North Dakota, majoring in Criminal Justice Studies. In 2016 I moved to the Netherlands to attend graduate school at Leiden University and my professional career has been primarily within the security industry, where I’m also currently working.

Post college and in between working full time, I discovered the need for a creative outlet and therefore created this blog. I love to inspire others, whether it’s by trying out a new recipe in the kitchen, recommend a new travel destination or checking of my Bucketlist. I’m a big Bucketlist enthusiast and use it as a drive to do many fun things in life. I believe you can do anything if you’re passionate and dedicated, all while living life to the fullest – this is ultimately the message i want to convey to my readers!

Thanks so much for stopping by – I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love writing it! 🙂


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