100 Free Bucketlist Ideas

A Bucketlist goal doesn’t have to be grand or super expensive. In fact, it’s often the smaller things that matter – the things you can do on any given day. It doesn’t mean it’s boring, they are just more easily achievable. And especially during these times where everything is getting more expensive, suggestions for free Bucketlist ideas are more than appreciated! 🙂
While most of the ideas are completely free, some require a little pre-expense (such as using your current gym membership & subscriptions, the food you have at home, etc).

Here’s a handful of great free Bucketlist ideas that will guarantee to fil your life with joy, laughter, quality time and great memories;

  1. Create your own personal Bucketlist
  2. Create a best friend Bucketlist
  3. Create a family Bucketlist
  4. Create a couple’s Bucketlist
  5. Create a single’s Bucketlist
  6. Crewate a self-care Bucketlist
  7. Create your own personal happiness plan
  8. Have an outdoor picnic
  9. Have an outdoor bonfire night
  10. Cook a meal on an bonfire
  11. Spend a day in a park relaxing with a good book/podcast
  12. Go kayaking/canoeing (borrow for free)
  13. Hike a new trail
  14. Hike a new mountain
  15. Go camping
  16. Sleep outside in a hammock
  17. Travel more for less and do a Home Exchange
  18. Spend time outside in fresh air and soak up the sun
  19. Go for a bike ride outside
  20. Go for a run outside
  21. Walk the Coastal Path (local recommendation)
  22. Go for a walk in Bøkeskogen (local recommendation)
  23. Go cross country skiing
  24. Go ice skating
  25. Go berry picking (blueberries & lingonberries)
  26. Have an outdoor movie night
  27. Have pancakes for breakfast in bed
  28. Write a letter to yourself and read it in a year (to track progress)
  29. Handwrite a letter to someone spesical
  30. Handwrite a letter to a good friend
  31. Handwrite a nice note and leave on a strangers windshield
  32. Go apple picking and make homemade apple jam/apple cake
  33. Make homemade ice cream
  34. Make fresh pasta
  35. Try a new workout class (use the gym membership you have)
  36. Do a yoga class (many great free classes online)
  37. Learn to meditate
  38. Listen to your favorite podcast
  39. Find a new favorite podcast
  40. Lot’s of cat cuddles (or with any pet of course)
  41. Take a spontaneous roadtrip someplace new
  42. Take advantage of a free online class
  43. Start an online business (Blog or Instagram)
  44. Create a passive income
  45. Learn a new language (Duolingo is a perfect start!)
  46. Invite friends over for a game night
  47. Play cards
  48. Play yatzee
  49. Go out dancing with your girlfriends
  50. Try out a new recipe in the kitchen
  51. Make a meal out of random fridge-leftovers
  52. Make food using ingredients from nature
  53. Grow something from a seed
  54. Volunteer for a good cause
  55. Spend a lazy day at the beach
  56. Be a tourist in your own town
  57. Finish a jigsaw puzzle
  58. Finnish a crossword puzzle
  59. Pick wildflowers and create a pretty bouquet
  60. Make a gratitude journal
  61. Watch the sunrise/sunset in one day
  62. Create the perfect morning routine
  63. Create the perfect evening routine
  64. Have a SPA day at home (shower, facial, foot-bath and mani & pedi)
  65. Take a bath with bubbles and reality tv
  66. Put on an outfit that make you feel great
  67. Invite someone out on a date
  68. Go on a blind date just for fun
  69. Live it up and flirt with someone
  70. Befriend an elderly person who is alone
  71. Do a good deed and try plogging
  72. Do one tech-free day a week
  73. Go ice bathing (It has many benefits to it!)
  74. Have a clothes-swap with your friends
  75. Host and invite friends over for a quiz
  76. Pick up a book you’ve been wanting to read
  77. Read a biography
  78. Read a book in a day
  79. Read a book before the movie
  80. Get a library card at your local library
  81. Unleash your creative side and paint a picture
  82. Spend a rainy day in pajamas doing absolutely nothing
  83. Bundle up in front of the fireplace in your pj’s with a good book
  84. Re-connect with an old friend
  85. (Suprise)visit a friend you miss
  86. Create a personal vision board
  87. Organize and deep clean your home
  88. Sell all the things you no longer need
  89. And use those money to book a vacation
  90. Jump into bed in fresh, clean sheets
  91. Go to a museum (with free entrance)
  92. Give blood
  93. Become an organ donor
  94. Go to a free concert
  95. Go to a free comedy show
  96. Binge watch your favortite tv-show
  97. Watch a new movie
  98. Do something that completely terrifies you
  99. Take a spontaneous roadtrip someplace new
  100. Write a list of everything you’re grateful for

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