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Last updated; June 3rd, 2023

Hi everyone! 🙂
After switching my social media strategy and now using Instagram as the main channel to document my Bucketlist progress, I have received several messages requesting a separate post displaying my Bucketlist progress alone (e.g. which Bucketlist points I have checked off). It’s very clear that people are interested in the topic of Bucketlist and it makes me really happy! 🙂 I have always loved Bucketlists and use them as a drive to do all the cool and fun things I want to do, and my goal is to use my experience to inspire others. Anyway, your wish is my command, so here is a separate blog post displaying all my checked off Bucketlist points;

✔️ First, star by writing my own complete Bucketlist!
✔️ Write a letter to myself & read it in one year (written 6/10/22)
✔️ Live in a big city (San Francisco 2007 + Leiden 2016)
✔️ Live abroad for more than a year (3 in the U.S. + 1 in the Netherlands)
✔️ Visit a total of 20 countries
✔️ Work as an Au pair (San Francisco, 2007)
✔️ Ride the cable cars in San Francisco
✔️ See the sea lions at Pier 39, San Francisco
✔️ Have a stranger buy you a drink
✔️ Celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S.
✔️ Celebrate Kings Day Netherlands
✔️ Walk the Coastal Path in Stavern
✔️ Serve in the military (Royal Norwegian Air Force 2008-2009)
✔️ Shoot with a weapon
✔️ Fly a helicopter (in the Air Force)
✔️ Visit Svalbard (Worked there in 2018)
✔️ See the Acropolis, Athens
✔️ Go island hopping in Greece (I’ve been to Paros, anti-Paros, Naxos, Paxos, Crete, Rhodes and Kos)
✔️ Greek food Bucketlist; tzatziki, lamb kleftiko, greek salad, Frappé, mythos, stifado beef stew, souvlaki, loukoumades, and gyros pita.
✔️ Visit a local farmers market
✔️ Do a staycation Farris Bad SPA Hotel
✔️ Become an organ donor
✔️ Go on a road trip in Norway
✔️ Dance my ass off at Stavernsfestivalen
✔️ Dance my ass off at Fjordfesten
✔️ Drink coffee at Bare Barista coffeeshop in Tønsberg
✔️ Drink coffee at 18 Café & Interiør in Horten
✔️ Go on a girlstrip abroad (been on several ones and more to come!)
✔️ Meet an online friend in person
✔️ Read a book in a day
✔️ Read a book on the New York Bestseller List
✔️ Go skinny dipping
✔️ Eat gelato in Italy
✔️ Do the “Italian Aperitivo”
✔️ Visit Duomo di Milano (the Milan Cathedral)
✔️ Italian food Bucketlist; pesto, Parmesan, tiramisu, raviolli, carbonara, foccacia and Italian meat & cheeses.
✔️ Celebrate Halloween in the USA
✔️ Go swimming at Miami Beach
✔️ Look for a bargain at a flea market
✔️ Go to the movies solo
✔️ Go to a restaurant solo
✔️ Explore Krakow’s Old Town
✔️ Visit the Auschwitz & Birkenau Consentration camps
✔️ Visit St. Mary’s Basilica
✔️ Explore Kazimierz (Krakow’s Jewish Quarter)
✔️ Have a “catpuccino” at the Kociarnia Cat Cafe in Krakow
✔️ Visit Hadeland Glassverk
✔️ Eat a meal from a food truck
✔️ Eat tapas and drink san miguel in Spain
✔️ Eat gyros and drink mythos in Greece
✔️ Eat tacos and drink corona in Mexico
✔️ Eat pasta and drink wine in Italy
✔️ Try parasailing
✔️ Ride a jet-ski
✔️ Ride a limousine
✔️ See Alexander the Great statute/fountain in Skopje, Macedonia
✔️ Visit the heart and soul of Skopje – the Old Bazar
✔️ Visit a Stave Church
✔️ Have a fish pedicure
✔️ Buy my first home alone (Did it on December, 2021!)
✔️ Pay off my credit cards
✔️ Go to college abroad
✔️ Graduate from college (UND class of 2013 with a degree in Criminal Justice studies!)
✔️ Sell something online
✔️ Go on a road trip in the U.S. (We drove from ND-FL)
✔️ Experience an American college keg party
✔️ Experience crazy spring-break in the U.S.
✔️ Climb Gaustadtoppen
✔️ Be in two places at once (One foot in Florida, one in Alabama)
✔️ Gamble in Las Vegas
✔️ See a dermatologist for skin care treatments and products
✔️ Get a Brazilian wax
✔️ Go skinny dipping in the sea
✔️ Volunteer for a cause I’m passionate about (HOHV)
✔️ Do something crazy and out of character
✔️ Go on a date
✔️ Go on a date in another country
✔️ Have a one night stand
✔️ Stay in a 5 star hotel (Wyndham Alltra Playa del Carmen Adults Only All Inclusive, Mexico 2013)
✔️ Sleep outside in a hammock
✔️ Try zip-lining (Down Holmenkollen skijump)
✔️ See a musical
✔️ Try “plogging”
✔️ Try pole dancing
✔️ See Big Ben, London
✔️ See Buckingham Palace
✔️ Go treasure hunting at Portobello Road Market, London
✔️ Take a hop-on-hop-off bus tour in London
✔️ See a drag show
✔️ Drive on autobahn
✔️ Go on a bike ride outside
✔️ Visit the European Christmas markets
✔️ Visit an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world
✔️ Have afternoon tea at Hotel Bristol in Oslo
✔️ Visit Fredrikstad Old Town
✔️ Reach 1000 real and authentic followers on Instagram
✔️ Eat a colorful meal at Oslo Raw
✔️ Find the best homemade granola recipe
✔️ Have lunch at Mønsj restaurant in Arendal
✔️ Be portrayed in the media for something I’m proud of
✔️ Eat my way around Oslo Street Food
✔️ Check into a hotel alone (Netflix, pajamas and a big bed alone!) – I stayed at City Hotel Rembrandt in Leiden, Netherlands. Is was the best!
✔️ Ride a bike like a local in the Netherlands
✔️ Experience the madness of Red Light District, Amsterdam
✔️ Try stroopwaffles (Dutch specialty)
✔️ Visit Rotterdam Markthall
✔️ See the Windmills at the Zaanse Schans
✔️ Visit Polarberry (the most Instagram friendly cafe in Amsterdam)
✔️ Admire the beautiful architecture in the streets of Amsterdam
✔️ Eat pancakes at The Pancake Bakery (Amsterdam’s oldest pancake restaurant)
✔️ Have breakfast at Glassverket Bakeri
✔️ Visit the Easter exhibit in Stavern
✔️ Lunch and coffee at Cafe Sliperiet
✔️ Pay off my car loan

It was so much fun writing this post, because it made me realize I’ve actually done lot’s of cool things throughout the years and I’m even more exited for what’s to come! 🙂

6 responses to “Bucketlist Progress ✔️”

  1. Interesting post!!
    Best wishes 🙂


    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  2. Wow! This is quite an impressive list with lots of fun memories!


    1. Thank you, Michelle! It’s when you write it all down you definitely see how much you actually have done! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so cool! My favourite points were the ones about becoming an organ donor and buying your first house. I’d so be an organ donor when Jamaica finally starts an organ donation registry. Too many of us have a fear of planning what happens to us after we’re dead, and Jamaicans believe they need to be buried with all parts of them intact– even if it is a rotting foot that made them die from sepsis. Anyway, this has inspired me to do a similar post. As soon as I get a chance I will 🙂


    1. Thank you, Rochelle! 🙂 It’s definitiely a mix of the small and bigger things for sure. And the Jamaican views on organ donation is very interesting! I do know there’s lots of opinions about it here as well and that religion among other things can play a big part in where you stand, but ultimately it’s up to each person to decide for themselves! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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